Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Free Denver Music downloads....go and check it out.

Right there, right after the interview the The RZA and you can find two pages of Denver's mightiest bands ready for your downloading pleasure, all in honor of this weekend's Westword Music Showcase.  I will be at Flipper's birthday party in Vegas so can't attend but I certainly would have if I was here.  There are treasures abound to be found.  Spend the money on a ticket and support local music and seriously, go and download some free, authorized Denver bred music!  I won't say which I have but know that there are several if not many that I have now proudly in my download file on my laptop at home.

The Showcase is pretty much all over the Golden Triangle area or the extended area.  And if you have a musical taste, certainly there are bands that you will like.  All the bases are covered.  Pretty impressive day and night full of amazing Denver talent.  I have seen a few of the bands in the last couple of months and seriously have been blown away by several of them.

So go... seriously.... try the music out first... download a couple songs... see what tickles your fancy.  Tell me what you liked and didn't... share a little with Zoe. 

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