Monday, June 16, 2008

Because I couldn't go...

But because someone does care about me enough to email me the pictures and links to the videos, I will share with you... because I like you too.... see the Fluid is reuniting and playing some shows in Denver.  Last night they played the (not so secret) Secret Guest Spot Show at the Larimer Lounge Sunday BBQ as a warm up for Friday the 20th at the Bluebird (which honestly I am so excited for I could pee).  Here is the link to the Westword online blog Backbeat and they promise more and here are some videos which have gone up on the YouTubes as well. 

Have a happy monday and the Vegas Wrap up is going to have to wait, still haven't dealt with some picture issues I have and I have nothing to be ashamed of since I was on the phone with F when Mr. Squishy and BDL made me go a little Vegas Crazy.  So pictures will post tonite maybe, I was just about ready to pass out when I got home from dinner last night, so I am glad I didn't go to the Larimer Lounge because I would have really been exhausted today and alot more crabtastic that I already am.

So happy day, enjoy the pics and the videos.  Pysched to have a way to be there without having actually been able to be there.

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