Monday, June 16, 2008

This is from Friday and just found it in my drafts.... so thought I would post it anyways since the Tastespotting thing is a big deal for me.  But given that its been a couple days and the situation has shaked out enough for someone to build a similar site here is an alternative other than the onces listed below that looks great:

So onto the old post:

bummer that Tastespotting is gone.... it was one of my favorites... metafilter commenters have some ideas about what happened and some alternatives thank goodness.  All I know is I am bummed because I didn't get all the things I had starred linked properly.  Thanks to the Bro for the heasd up on this situation.  Here is another link to some information....and yes another.  This kind of stuff went down years back in the infancy of the interwebs sure, but the organization that ran TasteSpotting seemed to have a great design, a good business model, a great way to drive traffic to blogs that are deserving of quality (if the food blog stalker situation is to believed this was not the quality I am talking about here) attention and this turn of events is sad.  And really a drag because I actually used it to find recipes just a couple days ago and the search function was second to none because of the depth of the links.  I found two chicken recipes that I literally merged together to make dinner last night and it was fantastic to have it as a resource.  Sad that it is gone. 

I am flippen exhausted, seriously slept like ass last night.  But not tired like I shouldn't be here at work, just tired like I am not motivated at all to be here at work.  And I should be at home packing my bag for Vegas.  I still don't know what the hull I am going to wear to this party. 

And holy crap I just read that Tim Russert died

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