Sunday, June 08, 2008

Had a nice day yesterday, sorry I concerned you Valentine... trust me if something was down I would totally let you know, just to reassure you.

Dinner at Pasquini's was really delicious. Its been quite a long time since I have been to either of them, so it was a treat to go to the one on 17th for dinner. The dinner salad was superb. I love it when it isn't just a plate of lettuce and some salad dressing and a couple of croutons. They jam the plate full of cheese, olives, mushrooms, a fresh slice of tomato even, not that diced crap. It was delicious. And the pizza was really good. I anticipated that we were going to go and see this band but we ended up coming back here and watched A Dirty Shame. Seriously. So damn funny, really, not the most tasteless of John Waters films (he brought me Polyester and Female Trouble to watch later). And I dug seeing the credit roll come up with F's name. That was a treat. And I got some insight on what to listen to.

Booger, Mom is starting in, it's really funny. I knew it wouldn't take long.

I really need to get out of dodge today and get over to the greenhouse to get flowers and plants for my patio and entry way. I am sadly about four weeks behind on that chore. So I think I might jump over to Lowe's first for inexpensive petunias then go over to Country Fair for the cool bitchen accent plants. I also need basil, sage and rosemary I think. I actually might wait now that I have some serious writing to do. I am really procrastinating on the flower thing.

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