Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tom Waits ticket on sale ticket public service announcement

So the great ticket purchasing experiment happened this morning.... Ticketmaster is handling most of the shows for Tom Waits this summer. So I jumped online this morning to buy Nick Cave tickets. I opened several windows to see about that as an option. Not that I was worried that Nick Cave would sell out in less than 6 minutes like Tom Waits will. One of F's bandmates mentioned its how he got Radiohead tickets, who notoriously sell out quickly too. Well they have fixed that loophole. You can only have one window open/one tab open in order to search for tickets at a time. So it will definitely be more than one computer at a time next Friday. I would have whigged if next week I didn't know this. I definitely am posting this information solely as an FYI to anyone that might index blogs for onsale information about Tom Waits tickets. Even if you are logged out of your account on Ticketmaster you can only have one window/tab open indexing their seating servers.

I appreciate this actually. It opens up the possibility for more people to get on the servers and actually possibly maybe actually have a better chance. Lots of people think that Ticketmaster is the devil, and they do charge a service fee that is astronomical and don't really kiss you first (but they do give you two free itunes downloads, which is something I suppose)... but they have their ducks in a row.

And Jack and Neal came up on my media player so for a multitude of reasons (one being full of superstitious behaviour on my part)I think this bodes really well for me next week.

If there are any other suggestions about multiple toggling possibilities for ticketing please feel free to post a comment because the better the ticket karma we all have about it I think the better off we will all be.

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