Friday, May 09, 2008

So this is a time of firsts for me in a lot of ways. I just ordered my first pay per view movie on purpose (Wristcutters, if you must know) and am going to PPV another movie later, once this has taped (Harmony Korine's new movie, again so you have a clue). I usually wait until the movies are on conventional pay cable stations but I didn't really want to wait. And I love the concept that IFC has their first run movies available on PPV when they hit the theaters. It is really brilliant.

I have a mess of cleaning I have to do. I also would like to get some reading in tonite. But I am not sure which book to start. Or re-start as it may go. I downloaded the first chapter of Snuff and think I might read that to get my jammies in a bunch for the next week and half prior to its release and the Q & A at the Tattered Cover.

I went and saw Wilco last night and I have to say I am really blown away, I forgot just how great a live band they are. There were a couple yahoos behind us that were yelling stupid stupid stuff and F made a really funny comment to just smoke a bowl already and shut up. It was exactly what I was thinking. Then the hippie skinny girl came down with her tramp stamp and grooved. I have to say her enthusiasm was infectious. She couldn't have been bothered that her shirt was barely staying on. It was a sight to see. Listening to the lyrics made me wistful. I can't explain what it is but there were things sung that just hit me where they haven't before. I mean I have heard these songs many many times before and haven't had the same visceral reaction like I did last night. It whigged me out a little bit. Took some pictures, they weren't great but good enough to post so that was a nice little treat to hear at 8:30 this morning.

Valentine, I am not freaking out, for the record. I am doing better now. Just in case you were wondering how I was doing.

Pondered buying Nine Inch Nails tickets for Red Rocks tomorrow. But seriously, and this is going to hurt a little bit, but kinda not worth 50 bucks to me. I would and am going to spend the money on Nick Cave tickets instead. It would be great to be able to afford both, but really...kind meh about you Trent. Sooz don't whig but there it is. I also have two MAJOR purchases coming up, one the peice of artwork which will be available soon I hope, I decided that no whatever the cost, I want. And the other is concert tickets for whereever I can get them when they go on sale next week. The magic 8 ball was really vague which makes me really nervous about that outcome. Understand that its prophecy has NEVER failed me and it isn't a toy, so I am hoping its vagueness just meant I have a couple days to know yay or nay on the outcome.

I really should get to cleaning.... it's 11:15 after all.

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