Thursday, May 15, 2008

so I got this really weird email this morning asking to use one of my photos as an accent to a story about a young lady that sold 17thousand boxes of girl scout cookies (good for her!). So here it is. Interesting. Not particularly my best photo ever but thanks for wanting it I suppose.

Also one of the headers in my Gmail just now was for a Big Lewbowski costume. Um really? A bathrobe, bowling ball, a white russian and shower shoes... how hard is that? I wish it would come up again, I should have clicked the link. OK here it is:Big Lebowski Costume - - Go as "The Dude" this year with an exclusive replica Bowling shirt. Retarded.

I have spent most of the last couple hours on the MySpace (Dev you will be so proud of me...) came across a ton of people from back in the day. Really really funny. Some that I didn't know were alive anymore and some people that I hardly could bear to not click "add to friends" but I don't know the protocol for doing that for real people (that might not remember me at all) and are not bands or artistic / cultural institutions. And I thought my day today was going to be boring and miserable since it is my Friday sorta.... wrongo. Who knew. Kinda drinking the MySpace Kool-Aid right now. And finally remembered Brother Rat. It would have driven me crazy.

And by the way mentioning F's band to Mr Potato Man aparantly made him really jealous and get super cranky. Big baby. You are on a completely different continent schmo get over it. Besides, and I asked him this, what would your girlfriend think. That really made him go all inactive on chat. So sad. And yet really so funny.

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