Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am drinking a TaB to celebrate...

Ok so my friends rule. I just listened to a message that I left on my friends machine (it asked if I wanted to play it back...and I thought sure why not) and it was really amusing.

See I am really amused right now. In about five different shades of fushia.

See there is some history in this package that I got today from Sooz. She has had this book she had from the Dybbyk that she got at some point when the dybbyk and I were not together. He liked to leave things and loan things out. I know this book was a treasured possession of his because he talked about it alot. I don't know why Sooz has had it all this time. But... a couple of weeks ago we were talking about the author because of my upcoming trip to her husband's birthday party and she offered to send me the book for F because he likes the book. Now the book is autographed. I really thought the autograph was a fraud, but nope.

Its pretty good and authentic.

So the fact that I have the book now to give to F is heeelarious. And amazingly ironic. And honestly this is going to be the best thing that could happen. I have had this brilliant moment of clarity that this will finally put a nice end to all the fucking torment that that prick put me through all those years sleeping around on me. But it is funny that one of the girls he picked up on at the deadbeat right in front of me was Sooz and she is my bestest now, I didn't know her at all then... that came a couple years later.

So now I just have to come up with an appropriate time to give it to F and not seem like a big ole' goof. Maybe as a thank you for filling my IPod.

We were emailing about stuff today and wrote about LA and I have a hankering for Barney's Beanery... so I decided tonite to make chili... its all working on the counter now on a low simmer, tomorrow I will fix up the makin's and it will be glorious. Then I got this hankering to make cupcakes. Now I just talked to my Mom and got her magical frosting recipe. I just have to wait for the cupcakes to cool and I will have joy in the kitchen full on. It has just been this really nice evening. Trading emails, writing, catching up on a little tv (no docs though), went and ran a couple errands and it still isn't even 10.

My mouse died so I had to go and get a new one. This new one kinda hurts my hand a little bit, but it is alot smaller than the other one. This one though doesn't glow pretty colors which all together isn't a bad thing, because the one that stopped working was a bit girlie and odd. But it was a good night light.

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