Friday, May 16, 2008

So ... day off today in order to ride the internet o' Tom Waits tickets going on sale was a banner good thing. The noon MST time on sale for the Phoenix shows was really 1:00 and honestly I would have been sitting at my desk freaking complete out. But here at home.... everything worked out just the way the universe is making everything nice and good for me lately. Wednesday night it is. The Tuesday ticket order didn't go through for some reason but it didn't have to because Wednesday is really the one night that it will work out best.

The rest of this afternoon will be spent cleaning and getting stuff done around the house. I have some stuff I want to take up to storage and get out of house and take a mental inventory of what I do have up there. I have some tv to catch up on too.

I can relax and chill out which is great. Happy Friday.

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