Monday, May 05, 2008

Listening to Tin Hat Trio, sorry Pandora, I brought in my own cds this morning. Bouncing back and forth between work email and personal email all day. Some of it has been ridiculous patter on the workside. I hate to say that but seriously? I don't need 30 emails today saying "agreed" or "yes"".

The next 20 minutes will be torture for me as I have so much to do but can't justify starting a lick of it. I have forwarded some work home and will wrap up a project tonite. But trying now would be a complete exercise in futility so why even try.

Had a ridiculous conversation with myself in my head today as well. I shouldn't eat sugar that early in the morning because it makes me completely ridonkulous. I make up words that amuse me and try and fit them into a sentence as if there are real words.

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