Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Its almost as good as seeing a video on You Tube before the master media controllers have it ganked from the site....

I just seriously saw the FUNNIEST THING ever. It is a complete misunderstanding but seriously... if wishing could only make it so. I copied it before it goes away only because I know that it will... but then again maybe it won't. But it probably will I am absolutely positive it will. I am really glad that I saw it before it went away though. It was brilliant and funny to me. I have to make sure to print it out too...

Speaking of, we were talking last night about Prince at Coachella and how he covered Creep by Radiohead and seriously just being able to see it even on YouTube was worth them potentially paying him $4.8 million bucks, I thank that phone cam dude for posting it. That video I am sure HAS gone away....yep, I can't find it....did I post it earlier?

Oh and hey "Prudence"... should you read this still...I may not like Neil Young ever (sorry 'bout that Sam too by the way) but I am pysched because I am getting to see Wilco tomorrow night. Holy crap. Nothing will beat seeing them with Billy Bragg but that being said... thanks for all those years ago leaning me in the right direction.

OK off to be the most dutiful of dutiful Office Betty's today.

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