Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tomorrow is Donut Day....

it may Donut Day for flick'r members in San Francisco but tomorrow...It will be Denver Day of the Donut at my desk I think. I will have Lamars should anyone want to come over, I haven't picked up Lamars in years. I would go and pick them up on my in the office when Gilligan and I worked together. But obviously that was a while ago. The timing is good. I will only have a dozen so first come first served. Oh and the coffee will be fresh in the kitchen, not at my desk, if you ask nice I might share the good stuff. But unlikely. I don't roll like that. Unless you are really nice.

Its about 3:30 and I am riding the interwebs like a grocery store 1 cent pony ride right now. I have to be at my desk although certainly I would rather be outside. Its like 100 degrees out there (ok 82) and tomorrow it is going to snow... ahhhh springtime in the rockies. Slushy accumulation of 1-3 inches. Awesome.

Tonite after dinner I am going to try and get some of my clutter under wraps and out the door. I have been planning this for like three weeks now. I have so many books that I just haven't read that are piled up and are just sitting there. I need to get my closet out of the chaos that it is in. I started but never kept going. If Pandora is as good this evening as it has been all day I will rule the school of uncluttering.

It is doable I just have to emotionally seperate myself from stuff. It can be done.

Ella and Louie are singing about pajamas... seriously, I love Pandora.

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