Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Decisions Decisions...

Trying to book airfare and hotel for a birthday party trip to Vegas baby. The problem is I don't have a clue where I want to actually stay. Mandalay Bay has some smoking good deals, as does some other places. Grrr. Then comes the issue of dining on Friday night. I can get pretty decent reservations at two of the restaurants I really really want to eat at too.

And then I have to question whether I want to stay that far away from the people that I am going out there with.

One hotel has a kick ass bar that I love, the other is off strip but just a cab ride away from anywhere I would want to go.

I still have time to book so I don't have any pressure but still this is beyond nuts because I have a plethora of choices where I can stay and play and need to break it down. I will have to put some feelers out and see what the consensious is.

And Ben Stein has a movie out... um seriously ... hello.

That is about all I can give up tonite. Boring and crappy entry I know.

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