Thursday, April 17, 2008

Every stinking time I hit send on certain emails I just cringe lately. Did I really just sign off that email that way... did I really just type that entire paragraph about nothing and hit send.... OY. WHAT AM I THINKING?

My Dyson is on the delivery truck today! So excited. I can not wait to vacuum the hell out of my house tonite. Over and over and over. Did I ever mention that I love to vacuum.

OK and want to know something else really freakin' weird? I just went and looked at my credit card balance and it is lower than I had thought it would be in my head. I am actually pretty pleased. The only thing that I don't see on there is the go go juice I got the other day. But it will post and it will still be less. And the guy from Comcast who said that he would get my next bill will credits and a discount on my interwebs and all that.... totally came through. I really am pleasantly surprised and pleased.

So I finally went to Aurora Newsland (didn't I talk about that months ago?) so I could pick up some fresh magazines. Ok so this is my impression and not one ounce of judgement in a bad way is passing through my fingertips. Just something that I observed. I was the only female in the joint. And I was one of only two people looking through the non-adult magazines. I got this amazing harsh full on pervy vibe when I walked from one side of the store to the other... right in front of the adult section, watching the dudes flipping through the spank mags. I don't judge their wanting to look at the merchandise before they buy because I would imagine you would want to make sure you got what is right for you, but wow it was awful. I swear one of the guys I saw used to come into the video store I managed and rent from our extensive adult section. There were guys that would come into the store and would not rent a movie because they had to interact with a woman... so I have M deal with them. I didn't care they were renting Jaime loves Jeff or Hot Nurses 14... couldn't have cared less. But I can't say I felt the same at Aurora Newsland. It was perv-tastic in there. And while I did walk out of there with Craft, Guilt and Pleasure, two issues of Art Forum (one with Damien Hurst's "for the love of god" on the cover because I want to frame that bitch), Print (because I nearly stole one of our art director's issues because the magazine is graphically the shit and there is an article on inkjet print textiles which was awesome) and the latest issue of Zoetrope and was happy with my purchases, I can't say anything I got there I can't get at either Borders (maybe not art forum) or Tattered Cover.

Also got the word today that an event that I was planning in June might be postponed, which initially caused my heart to sink and think... oy, this is going to cause me problems...but then I realized... no wait... this is actually more awesome than I thought because beyond all belief on a personal level I can leave for Vegas earlier than I planned and get what I want to in and not miss out on the things I want to do. It all revolves around food too. I wont have to choose between the two places I really want to go because of time. Now I kind of hope that this is doable and am totally motivated for very selfish reasons to make the re-arrangements. And that means I might even be able to make a Trader Joes run.

So I have edited some video. Man I forgot how much I dig this stuff. I have two new programs and let me tell you.... fun can be had.

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