Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I am now a shareholder in one of my company's larger clients. I actually am bummed that I missed the opportunity to buy so incredibly cheap last week but that is what I get for dilly dallying. My stock broker guy is a yutz and I seriously think that I am going to have to move my IRA and savings that I have at their firm away because he just had really bad form. He asked me if I really want to take the financial risk of buying the shares that I did. I spent far less than I have in the past this morning by the way.

Seriously... it is my money, I am bringing over a check in an hour and none of your business how much money I make or am willing to risk. Then he said... "well someone in your position should be more careful". Um what? I beg your pardon... my what? "Well you are a secretary right?" HOLY SHIT, really? You are going to go there. You seriously are going to go there you sexist fuck?

I do just fine. I have enough money to make this very calculated risk. I know what I am potentially doing. And if it works out I could have made a very good investment and if not I most certainly have done worse (Invesco Mutual funds ::cough cough:: ::hack hack:: lots and lots of money.... ::cough cough::). I am no bra burning flag waving staunch feminist by any stretch of the imagination but I swear to gawd when some "man" insults what I do and questions my independent financial status.... I have to question his.

So I said ..."Randy (that is his name).... do you pay off your credit card monthly? Do you have a car payment? How much do you owe on your home mortgage... well honey, my car is paid off, my credit card is paid off and I am 10 years away from paying my mortgage off 15 years early so how about not judging my wanting to buy some stock today ok?Hit the button, make the purchase for me and I will be by no later than noon with a check". I will go and take my check in to the cashier in his office and then make a call about moving everything to a different company. I am really so completely ticked off. I absolutely hate what his sexist bullshit brought out in me.

I might have to just move on over to ETrade or something online because seriously.... this guy was just an assmunch. I hope his $60.00 commission was worth it because this is the last commercial stock purchase I buy through him.

The Bro said to let it roll off but there are less expensive ways to buy stock and that is how I will do it from here on out. My Mom agrees we have to move out of this company as our old broker is gone and we aren't treated as well. I have to agree with her.

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