Saturday, April 05, 2008

So Cousin G and I are going to run errands this afternoon. Its creative diversion. I know exactly what she is doing for me and I am grateful. Don't get me wrong, I will get a couple things done while whiggin' so its all pretty damn good. Temptation makes me pick up and want to crawl down a rabbit hole of wishfullness but I have to be careful because I know myself to well and Cousin G is keeping me on the straight and narrow and away from the madness of it.

My plants were in revolt today, looking sad and ignored, now that I finally remembered to water them I see them perking up. Oops.

I took the picture above from the balcony of my room Thursday night. What is so significant is that I took my camera off "auto" and went "manual". While I was doing it I seriously was thinking about a friend of mine in college who always encouraged my photography bug. He is / was an amazing photographer and I learned so much during our friendship then. We would hang at Paris on the Platte and he would help me learn about what I should do to further my interest. I think of him so often, and in the wine filled haze, taking my camera off auto for the first time and playing around with apature settings to take this picture in the pitch darkness, I remembered what he taught me. It was foolish to balance the camera on this thin rail but no damage was done, it was a risk to not loose the camera down 7 stories, but it worked. The picture is amazing to me for alot of reasons, because I did take that risk. And what is completely even more freaky and crazy is when I opened my email the next morning he had emailed me.
I was sitting there at the beginning of this meeting and said "holy crap" a little too loud, but I mean it is weird. But thrilling and so nice that out of nowhere with having his lessons in my head he found my email and made the contact. Very precipitous and just when I need the inspiration too. And he was the only person that I knew that worked on large format polaroid that wasn't my dad. Its pretty cool.

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