Saturday, April 05, 2008

I got schooled by my cousin today on the do's and don'ts of some stuff. I think she is totally off base on a lot of things but she was awesome in the fact that she took my lunch leftovers from Chili's for herself and I didn't have to have them languish in my fridge for days.

Told the story of M & C today, it really messed me up because I realized that there is a for rent sign on their apartment (it will forever be their house) and I miss them. Cyn would be over here right now, getting me hammered and giving me the right advice. AmP would stop by on his way to work and pay me some compliment and bring me champagne (most times when ever he stopped by he would bring me champagne). M would be the silent observer but when I hit the right note he would give me that knowing look and I would know I hit a home run. I would go out into the night knowing their approval was there. Cyn and I would sing some song that befitted the evening, either Lady is a Tramp or Pennies from Heaven or Always True to You in My Fashion, or even Last Year's Kisses, her on key and me off and I would have blackberry brandy and that song warming me (which ever it was) the entire night. And tommorrow morning they would come over with toast and want to her me tell tales. Now all I have is memories (which isn't shabby) but I wish I could go and see her tonite.

Time to primp, pluck and get ready to.... um.... pick the song to sing on my own.

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