Tuesday, April 08, 2008

listening to Los Angeles...

I am subscribed to the Jonathan Adler email blast list. First of all I just LURVE him. Second of all the emails are incredibly whitty . But in todays email there is a promo for custom hand cut profiles. Seriously. This is beyond magical. Me likey.

I have for some reason hit the jackpot on Pandora because I am sitting here listening to Screenwriter's Blues by Soul Coughing (really loud too) and I am recalling the first time I heard it. We were sitting in Canters Kibbitz Room. A walked in with his portable cd player (remember when those were hi tech?) and said, listen to this. I was in love. Drunk on the rhythm of the words and the truth. We immediately after finishing our drinks, of course, went to Virgin on Sunset and bought everything we could get our grubby little hands on, which at that time was the two records and the PoemPhone cd. They played at the Troubadour and I dragged M there, he wasn't so happy but I was ecstatic.

They played at the Ogden Theater the last time I saw them. It was fantastic. Had tickets to the last show but it was canceled due to Marc Sandman passing away. Just found the Fox show archived and streamed online. We tried to get an interview but missed the window due to traffic. I will always be bummed by that. And I am loving this live show so much I completely jacked up an email. Hit send when I should have proofed and didn't. Now I look like a giant ass correcting myself. Slow down missy.....

I am eating almonds and cashews and believing that from behind I look like I am having a seizure. And you know what. I really don't think that I can be bothered by that at all right now. The headphones are bringing me immense joy.

Also I am going to have to take pictures of my new baby with my new baby. More on that later.

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