Thursday, April 03, 2008

I am a little drunk on good good good food tonite, good wine (our sommelier was 500% better tonite than last night) and really funny sing alongs. Poaching wireless from a very well known university because I can't be bothered to walk in my f'n cute pajamas to another building to sit in their main lobby for wifi and to have some little monkey put a virus out on the network they use. I watched him do it and watched him as he watched each one of us get hit. It was innocuous but still... ass munch. I was watching him revel in some joy, but then my software announced I was being hit and walked over to him and said... what are you doing ... oh just cuz he can he says. So scrubbed my hard drive this morning. Ginormous pain in the ass. So...... Thank you well known communications university for letting me poach your wireless network for the next like five minutes while I obsessively check my email and stats.

Ok so tomorrow end of the conference and I have to say... kinda sad its over. I love the people I work with... and ultimately work for. They are the bitchen'est folks on the planet. And during the sing along to Sweet Caroline (where I was in fact called out on the fact that I can't carry a key to save my life) I realized... this is better than the Layzher, The Firm and dare I even say it...The Show all put together.

I am one lucky puppy.

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