Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Pesach... still...

The original link came from the SIL's sister, who does send me the best jokes I have to admit. A little late for me to post on this one but since it is still Pesach thought I would still share.

I have taken today off because my little Herschel is just "off" he isn't balancing too good, just a little off if that means anything to the casual reader and I am just chilling not freaking out which is shocking for me. He is better than yesterday which is good but I just didn't fell right going into work. He tried to run after a toy and got all wobblie so I am casually observing and should anything go really uber wonkie I can rush him to Dr. Steve. I am sure they will be fine without me today at work.

Broke into the one single box of Streits I have for fried matzah for dinner last night. So far I have been relatively matzah free this pesach. My Mom has hooked me up with pleanty of food so I haven't even had to make matzah pizza yet. Went and bought a brisket at Costco yesterday and might make it today since I am home (which was not the intention, I was going to work on it tomorrow, but today is good too).

I just want Herschel to be ok. So inbetween watching him I am going to go about my day pretty regularly. I don't want to be too nervous and I don't think that it warrants it but still.... ya'know...

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