Sunday, April 27, 2008

Went to PS 1515 (didn't see the burlesque show it was past over by the time we got there) last night after Ladies and Gentleman the Fabulous Stains at Neighborhod Flix (which was Madstone-esque and very cool minus the "that could be us that could be us that could be us" non-sense). They were playing some guys playlist off his Ipod and honestly it reminded me how stagnant my current Ipod is and Sansa for that matter.  I stream music so much now that I really only rarely use either mp3 players.  It is sad really.  So instead of bemoaning it I think because I own all the music on both of them, I am going to give my Ipod to F to fill and send my sansa to this guy that I work with to fill.  I am also thinking seriously about another project too.  But that one I have to keep under wraps until I get it underway because seriously some of you readers are going to have to participate.  Notice I said HAVE TO.  You don't have a choice. 

I hopefully have some artwork coming in once this exhibit closes in Chicago (dare I not speak of it because it is so cool that I am on a wait list I can't stand it and I seriously hope that it comes through) which will go in my bedroom or possibly in the bathroom of all places I haven't decided but I have this one area that I would like to kick up and can't come up with what I want to do on my own.  So I am trying to get my act together.  I also have to get to Target today and pick up some polaroid stock.  I keep forgetting to and one day I will be really pissed I didn't.  I also have to figure out the fix for the fuji stock.  And I just did a quick search  and found something that is far cooler than what I was so excited about.  Holy crap the interwebs are cool.  I think I have to make a call and find out the specs on this piece.  And it is actually less expensive by a couple hundred bucks but its a giclee print.  I don't know.  Need to do a little more searching. 

J1 is coming to town in the end of May.  I can't explain how really great this is going to be, I haven't seen him in 15 years.

Its noon-ish and I have some serious writing that I have to hunker down and do and honestly I am not wanting to. I have having a better time futzing around not doing anything quantitative but I know that I have to. 

I have had the most enjoyable and quiet of days today, no tv, just my music to keep me company and I have to call Mom and tell her I can't go to Fuddruckers for dinner tonite.  Its the traditional break the passover matzah-palooza that they do.  And seriously, I just don't want to go.  Too much noise and tumult and I just don't want to.  I suppose I should probably do that so that they can arrange to pick up Ben, because honestly I am staying home.  I like having the windows open and just relaxing and not pushing to go and do and have to listen to Mom's friend blather on about her diet coke and how she only allows herself one a day... yeah I know we hear it every time you have a freakin diet coke.  Yes the buns are good, shut up and just eat it.  She is so loud and she means well but seriously shut up.  I just don't want to be a part of it. 

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