Sunday, March 02, 2008

What a difference a day makes...

Yesterday the highest temperature was 72 degrees, after the Merchandise Mart I came home, made some lunch, opened every single window in my house, turned off the furnace (just so it wouldn't kick on)and then enjoyed the Spring like day. It was absolutely wonderful. I caught up with my neighbor H. We hung out in the dog run for a while, Herschel talked to Norman and Priscilla concerned herself with staring down a cat. It could not have been a more relaxing day. I want to publicly thank whoever put the chairs in the run... because now, its really very much like a real dog park in my front yard. I love it. Came in, it was 6:30 and holy crap I have a half an hour to change clothes and get out the door for dinner. Met up with R and seriously didn't think I was going to make it. Talked on the phone with PoPo while I was ironing my shirt, which I didn't end up wearing... guh... so annoying.

Today, there is almost an inch of snow on the group, it is currently 27 degrees out, the windows are closed, the furnace is on and I am watching the outside be all about winter. Its about 2:30 and I am thinking I might break into the left overs from the other night (Friday) and try and get out of dinner tonite.

I need to give PoPo the rundown of dinner. I didn't keep our secret very long... a good maybe two hours. I am terrible at keeping things a secret when it is something funny. I wanted to kept it under wraps a little longer, but I totally blew my cover by using pronouns.

I really should be a little more productive today than I am being. But it is the weekend and I am entitled to a little chill out.

But seriously hearing Ben Folds cover Lost in the Supermarket at the credit roll of Over the Hedge freaked me out.

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