Monday, March 03, 2008

my monday morning....

I have been battling the frustrations that I find with my company's IT department and the fact that I can't do bupkes as far as browsers on my desktop.

So today, I decided that I am just going to break the code of silence and install firefox portable and stop internally whining. I know how to do it. I know that I can do it. I know that I don't have the administrative rights to this p.c. but I know how to get around it. So because I have nothing better to really do today, in fact I was supposed to have the day off, but half of our team is out today sick, my director called and asked me to come in... so here I sit. Installing firefox. Its so magically delicious I can't stand it. I am running it from my desk top and not even from a portable drive. Sneaky. Actually I should move it back to the flash drive, just so if IT does get a hankering to what I am doing this way I won't get in trouble. hold on a sec. OK moved it all back to the flash drive.

I really do love tabbed browsing, what can I say. I am super glad that I have found a way around the issue.

Maybe tonite I go about making some magic happen. I used to know the circuit but now not so much anymore. I suppose I will have to do a little investigating to try and find out. I am antsy. I think its because my entire department is now gone except me and it is entirely too quiet for me.

I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to explain to someone in my office why you should just spell out "less than or equal to" versus using the symbols anymore. See, in today's day and world we folks are used to seeing symbols as words or shorthand... in powerpoint it isn't always simpler to use a symbol sometimes it is in fact better to spell it out for your audience. Then the guy didn't even know what the symbol would be. And I said exactly the whole reason why you shouldn't use symbols. He didn't get it. It took up some time though and if I didn't get the heebie geebies by the guy's voice and the pure annoyance at the fact that he doesn't listen to what I am saying, I could have stood there and gone over and over the fact just for the the funny but I had to answer my phone. DANGIT.

Saw a picture of a person who I used to know really well-ish today (well just about 2 minutes ago). Kinda made me go to a place I didn't know that I was willing or able to go to. And it really had to do with this person's hands. I remember how nice I thought that they were and not knowing how recent this picture was or is I can't say much has changed. Pretty yummy actually. Clearly makes up for the lack of the yummy this weekend.

this last 1/2 hour of today is going to absolutely crawl like molasses.

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