Thursday, February 21, 2008

today I am tired.... all I wanted to do was sleep in...

From Yesterday:
I just bought another print on 20x200: . I decided that I am going to bring the other print into the office and hang it behind my monitor and really for some reason was drawn to Opp, Alabama by Scott Eiden. I don't know if it is because it is stark or he fashioned a nice little history of the building and it's inhabitants. I don't know if it is because it is a photograph versus some of the print work she has posted. I don't know. But I instinctively hit... buy me some art... or whatever the button says and I was done. It isn't the brightest or even cheeriest peices I have seen or bought. Maybe its because this is nearly what the clouds looked like this morning as I drove in to work, late by the way.... Just grey and gray.
I love this for many reasons... but have not hit the buy me button. I don't know why. I think perhaps it reminds me enough of some of the motels up and down Colfax. I don't know.
From Today:
So I have been updating Plaxo. I have to set it up for work because some of our executives use it. It used to be alot like Linked In, which I have used when I was looking for a job a couple of years ago. One of the ladies that I interviewed with, who was awesome by the way... and the job would have been awesome too except for the fact that I got the job where I am now which is awesome-er. Anyways. So I got the email today that Comcast and Plaxo have teamed up (well actually comcast bought it) and are offering the system to their subscribers gratis, which is nice. I hate to say this, but I am actually a little excited. I have always liked Plaxo and now it synchs with all my google information including my calendar and contacts so this is actually pretty neat. Over the weekend I will play around and see if it still is as neat.
I have all my work done and about 45 minutes left in my work day. I would very very much like to crawl under my desk and take a little nap. But I was chatting with the Bro and I have to stay awake and motivated so that I can stop at Pho 79 on the way home for dinner. I was going to take it "to go" but Jason Sheehan's description of the coffee curls my toes, just a little bit and it might be just what I need to get out of this mood I am in. Plus I don't have the fixin's to do it up right home....Maybe I will stop home, take Herschel for his walk and hopefully get back out to have some dinner, I just have to stay motivated, which I am finding incredibly hard to do. I might have to scrap the plan and go for lunch tomorrow instead. I haven't had delicious Pho since The Bro and I went for lunch the last time he was in town. All I know is Auntie Pickles really needs some protien.

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