Sunday, February 24, 2008

Found via SkeetonMisha and yes... this is pretty cool...

I am mostly sticking close to the house today. Its 49 degrees out, I have all the windows open and its going to be an amazing day today. I am going to get the house cleaned up a little bit. I have a bunch of little piles of things on my kitchen table and laundry but best to get it all done today while it is nice.

I was balasana sick yesterday... meaning literally when I was trying to get comfortable, that was the only position I could get comfortable in. And I tried 'em all. But after nearly 18 hours of deep restorative time laying miserably in bed, I feel much much MUCH better. I don't know if it was the not fresh but canteened for 12 hours coffee or the fish I had for lunch, but holy all that is over batman, it was teh sucky.

I won't be watching the Oscars tonite (don't worry I am depending on Steevoh to take care of me though), I did watch the Independent Spirit Awards instead so I have my award show ya yas out I suppose. I sadly haven't seen many of the movies so outside of the theatrical numbers I don't think I would know what is going on. So The Bro and I are going out to fancy dinner, he is in town to ski. I am really excited to eat at a place that doesn't include the words "early bird" special on the paper place mat.

Ready to git to cleanin'.

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