Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just got home from dinner with The Bro. First of all let me say.... delicious, really really delicious. We partook in Denver Restaurant Week.

We went to O's Steak and Seafood. I was very much looking forward to it and pretty much spent the whole day trying to not think about how ill I was yesterday. I cleaned and kept moving just to keep the apathy away.

We made amazing time getting up to the Westin (even though I thought that we were supposed to be going to the Omni Interlocken...oops, but the Bro's manradar kept us on track and even though I nearly insisted we were not going to the right place, but he was right). I forget just how close these places are now. I should definitely get out of my comfort zone of two miles radius from my house more.

So... here is the run down (and we didn't take would have seemed really gouche plus honestly the lighting would have been really off...and most of all this really isn't a "foodie" blog).

We were immediately seated (even though we called to say we were a going to be a little late, even though we wouldn't have been) by a window which faced the fire pit off the lobby with a view of the tv in the bar (there was a hockey game on). And the hostess was pleasant and stood there while we re-arranged our table to our comfort which was outstanding. She was really nice about our slight fidgeting. We looked at the menu and decided what we were going to order and share.

We ordered the following:

Appetizers -
Cold Smoked Blue Marlin Sashimi with pickled ginger jelly and liquid nitrogen wasabi oil
Burrata Mozzarella with tomato crisps and tarragon puree

Cinnamon Roasted Pork Loin, Creamy Sage and Mustard Spätzle, Apple Sauce
Roasted Beef Shoulder with Candy Fingerlings and Dandelion Reduction

Lemon yuzu pound cake caramel blueberry ice cream (Made with liquid nitrogen)
Chocolate cheesecake with peanut butter fondant

This is my take:
The marlin sashimi was amazing. It was three large slices arranged on a triangle shaped plate that framed the food beautifully. The staff poured the wasabi oil that was frozen with the nitrogen on top, which added to the presentation. As the oil melted because of the room temp the flavors really came through. The marlin was smoked and honestly was alot like a jerky, its a terrible description but the best that I can do. The ginger jellee was sweet and firey and I wanted more. I would have gladly eaten it as an entree.

The burrata was a take on a caprese salad. I am unsure what the tomato crisps are because they were grape tomatoes which were crispy and juicy but not a tomato crisp. The mozzerella balls were perfection. No basil but tarragon infused oil which was a fantastic twist and really worth remembering. What was great was that this wasn't some rinky dinkie small portion, it also was quite large.

Our entrees came out moments after our appetizer plates were cleared. This place was a machine! The server put the pork entree in front of me and the beef entree in front of my brother. Now normally this isn't the way I would have gone personally. I am not really a big pork fan and the idea of the mustard spatzle really put me off. I don't like mustard by in large. But I dug into one of the pieces of the pork (the plate came with two... wow... ). Oh ma gawduh... so yummy. I couldn't really taste the cinnamon as much as I would have imagined. It was slightly there but not overwhelming like I had thought it might be. The apple compote was slightly cinammony and a really great compliment. I know understand this combination. I then tried the Creamy Sage and Mustard Spätzle. I am going to add this and have to admit something... I really think it is the deli mustard that makes me gross out because whatever mustard was in this was subtle and the side was amazing. Truely. I would have eaten it all but had to share with my brother. My brother explained that the mustard taste was very strong and the tang in the sauce. I just opened up my world a little bit. I still won't use it as a condiment on a hot dog, but I don't fear it.

I then moved onto the beef. This was an amazing cut. Tender, medium rare even though we ordered it medium, but the chef knows best because it was terrific. The reduction filled the plate, it wasn't just some dressing used to make the plate look pretty, this was sauce. And it was really great. The potatos were perfect. I couldn't finish the second one as much as I wanted to I just couldn't. I hated to see it go.

When the deserts came it was almost too much. I personally liked the poundcake more. I had to let the blueberry ice cream melt a little on my palette to get the whole taste but honestly it was worth it. It was really terrific. The pound cake was absolutely amazing and I would make it if I could get the recipe. I tasted more yuzu then lemon and I believe the cake was dredged a little bit in the caramel. It was marked on the grill and the slightly carmelized bits of the cake were amazing.

We barely got through half of the cheesecake. I loved the peanut butter fondant but really at that point I was nearly over the limit food wise. The cheesecake was subtle and not overly chocolate tasting and was on a chocolate cookie crust . But again, had I not dove into the pound cake I would have really enjoyed it.

We enjoyed our coffee. When the server asked to refill our cups she removed the cups and returned with cups of fresh service. It was really impressive.

I asked the waiter about the tasting menu and when the molecular gastronomy service happens and he replied that it takes place on Thursday through Saturday and would be a "great menu for a second date". I thought that was really nice, but seriously, I am not on a date, this is my brother.... he apologized and I said I thought that it was funny.

I will definitely make a reservation for the tasting menu because this was really terrific. Perhaps one of the better meals that I have had in a couple of years. Way too rich and a ton of food for sure. But worth going back for.

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