Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MileHive.com....launchie goodness!

I got an email today... great big honkin' deal right? Wait.... so the email is promoting something... oh just get on with it already.... I know I know... it was from my friend who is contributing to content to an online newsmagazine. I go, thinking... huh... could be meat could be cake... OH MA Gaw.. really..... it is CUPCAKES. Cupcakes, it is so nice.
The site is gorge. And I am not just saying that because it is being run and contributed to by people that I know and do think are brilliant and talented, but because well, look at it. It is. Clean. It is not at all junked up with ads and riff raff, they seem to respect their readers enough to have them see ads on the sidebar and at the bottom of the pages, not all over and with popunders that miserably float allover the screen that you can't get rid of. Its clean. With information and critique that you the dear reader might actually find interesting because you too are brilliant and talented.
I only wish the mainstream media in Denver would have gotten this ticket to the clue bus. I stopped going to Westword online, and the local Denver news outlets because it was impossible to read an article with out being assaulted with ads. I don't need to be frustrated by a website when I am just trying to gather information about the world in which I live and work. This is clean fresh and run by people's opinions that I find interesting. Go MileHive.com! I wish you great success and look to seing more from you.


Booger said...

There is a great plug-in for Firefox named Ad Block Plus. It gets rid of all those annoying popups that RMNews etc like to assault us with.
It will teach them right, they make the ads so obtrusive, that they effect the experience, we will either go elsewhere for our information (the intraweb is a huge place), or use technology to render their revenue stream ineffective.

Anyway, check out Ad Block Plus. It works well.

Zoe said...

Booger: Can't install firefox or any of the magical goodness at work, it and IE world for me there. It's beyond frustrating, I fought tooth and nail just to get the google toolbar installed to try and eliminate some of it as they have installed a pop up blocker, its fair but no greasemonkey extension for sure!