Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Sometimes I whine about having nothing to do. Really it isn't whineing about there not being anything to do, but mearly MY not being able to find anything to do. So to remedy that I subscribed to the Zing Magazine's information list, ZingRecs, and on Monday afternoons usually I get an email (and actually a beautifully designed email none-the-less) telling me exactly what is happening in this town that I could in fact go and do. Many of the recommendations don't have high costs associated with them, many are free, and every single one of them is culturally relevant in some way I find.
I forget about the Emmanuel Gallery. When I was in religious school as a kid we always talked about the building, because of its significance (obviously) to my synagogue and when I was in college I went to many an opening because I was on campus (and knew many of the student exhibitors) but honestly in the ::cough cough:: many years since I have been on the campus I haven't gone down there one single time. I mean it is right there literally. Not out of reach, no crazy admission, bam... right there. Thank you Zing Magazine Recs for reminding me.
I Aam very much considering that tonite I will go over to the Gothic and see the New York Dolls. I couldn't back when they were shall I say in their prime, but still... after watching the documentary on Arthur Kane, how can I not go right? Tickets are only $20 which means probably more like $25 when I get to the door, but its a small price to pay to see a legendary group in a really great room. The last show I actually saw there was Charlie Hunter so that was certainly a while ago. I definitely think its time to go back. The main problem is I no longer can get away with going to see a show and being up and out until 1 a.m. and getting up at 6 a.m. anymore and being rested. A little training and I could but I haven't really considered the ramifications of my nutso meeting schedule for the next three days. The seasons are starting to change and my internal clock is getting all whikkiedie wack and I either am up all night until 3 am or out by 9pm and unrouseable until 8 am the next day.
At least I have the next couple days figured out. This Friday is First Friday as well. I don't know of any openings that I want to go to specifically but it might be a really great opportunity to go and checkout the Museum of Contemporary Art. I think there might be new shows up. Not sure though and besides what ever is there would be new to me because all I have done is driven up to the outside of the building and taken pictures of the installation on the outside. Oh and the pictures of the the security guard watching me take pictures, not looking happy. Whatever. Suck it security guard.
Oh and I got my latest print (Opp, Alabama by Scott Eiden) from 20x200 Saturday. Seriously... so much better than I could have even anticipated. I said that last time. And this time I totally mean it also. I opened the envelope and actually put it back away because of its awesomeness. There are all these details that you don't see on the website. That is good photography in my eye and mind. I am scared of its awesomeness. I was going to bring it into work and hang it in my cube, but really I think its going to stay in the house. No one here would understand.

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