Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You know what is really funny? My boss wants me to do a little searching for some NCAA stuff, and I am joking around with him and I say... "you know the minute you leave the office today, I am basically signing out and surfing the rest of the day". He said, "as I would expect". The Senior VP just came to my desk and called me his "dope dealer" because I have chocolate at all times. He used to scare the crap out of me but now that he knows where I hide the good candy, we have bonded. Chocolate covered caramels from Trader Joes tend to have that effect on people. Have I mentioned that I love my job today? Seriously. I... Love... My...Job.... Today.
I am having a really hard time concentrating right now. I think its because I know that I really don't have anything to do, except look up basketball brackets and reorganize stuff on my desk. I was talking to another admin on the floor today and she was going on and on about something and honestly I just kept smiling and nodding at her because I just couldn't be bothered actually listening. I know I wasn't voluntarily agreeing to do anything but she was talking about how busy she is and how she can't catch up. Huh... really? Seriously? Because see I know the truth, she is less busy on a daily basis than I am. And sure it ebbs and flows and the next three days I am going to be slammed but still.... I know the truth.
Oh and I just got off the phone from Detective Mike. He was the detective assigned to my case of the receptionist that stole my credit card number and stuff from the employment agency a couple of years ago. Apparently she was in the pokey and is out and did it again. Not with my credit card number but with someone else's and they want me to talk in court about what happened. Uh... ok. The DA wants to interview me. Fine whatever. I was desperate for a job and trusted the woman when she said I couldn't take anything into this room to take a placement test and she stole my credit card numbers... spent a thousand on clothes at Nordstrom... not much else I can say really. I was an idiot. I learned my lesson. Apparently this woman didn't learn hers.
I was just going back reading some stuff and found this recipe for marshmallow crispies treats.... from Ham on the Street.... he made these on the back of cab on a hot plate. Brilliant. I link to it here because seriously I don't want to forget about it. Is that show even on Food Network anymore? There is kind of a blog, that is sorta current... go fig.
Holy crap I should be doing some work. It's been decided. I am leaving early today.

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