Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ok so I am going to fess up... I am addicted. Seriously. In one day. My cousin is the devil for introducing me. I love her but I know... this will cause me much consternation in the future (like tomorrow). I am now.... on....the crack. Facebook. Ah! I can't get enough. MySplace can suck it.

Worst thing ever for me to get on, all I want to do is play on it all day long in the office. Now I know the true meaning of time suckage. It used to be livejournal and anarchy back in the day. I would post comments and on the bbs all day long, I would get my stuff done intermittently. Today was tough. I swear if I ever get a job where I actually have to concentrate for 8 hours completely I will be in big trouble because I will be unable to add stuff, comment on stuff, read comments left for others. Its bad. I might need an intervention already.

When setting things up today I pulled my address books up and an old friend popped up as being on Face Book and wouldn't you know... there it is, added a friend. Two other cousins are on the thing, a buddy from college that I haven't checked in on in 10 years. Its nuts. And so much fun.

The Bro is in town armed with goodies from Trader Joes. Treasure. I have to be patient until the weather warms up a bit and stop putting it off and just go to Sante Fe, armed with a cooler or two and just go and get the road trip over with. I do have some great yummy frozen items though from The Bro which is awesome.

We also are not going to get to do Roll Your Own Spring Rolls this trip which is sucky but its all about what he needs to get done while he is here so I can't really blame him and since Friday (tomorrow) is our Department lunch I can't back out of that. He understands, I can't say that I am all that happy about it though.

I will drop my computer off at Dr Mark tomorrow and even though he will be out next week I am not worried about poor old PC. It will be fine. The only thing is I can't easily print at home. But that is easily solved because I can hook up the lap top, load a driver and will be fine, I can't do it over my network is all. So its all good. I am not going to panic just yet.

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