Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My PC died. Thank Dog for the laptop (and the Bro for giving it to me). Anyways. I need to take the PC to see Dr. Mark. My guess is that the motherboard fried. Happens. I am lucky that I can go and re-frankenstein my pc in an afternoon. When I went to print a coupon for dinner last night I actually heard a little "poof" sound and smelled the tell tale sign of fried electronics. Yummy.

Most of my pictures are backed up, so I am not concerned about that to be honest. But I do worry about all my music I have. I don't have some of it on cds but on my mp3 player which is not so worrysome either. I have to really believe. I don't think there is any damage to my hard drives because up until two minutes before it happened I was on the network moving a file. So that is some sweet relief.

I am beyond exhausted tonite for no other reason that it is Wednesday and I didn't go out to dinner tonite, sat on the couch watched tv and did not do the work that I brought home with me.

The Bro is in town probably any time now for the next couple of days. I promised roll your own spring rolls and I am pysched that I get to go hopefully tomorrow. Its going to be a gastronomical explosion in my belly, and I am salivating now just thinking about it. And now that I think about it I pray that he doesn't want to go on Friday because our Department's holiday lunch is Friday.

I am watching Sunday Morning and they just mentioned La Brea Tar Pits. I just burst out laughing. It really is the giantest of family punch lines and one rarely hears it mentioned in casual conversation, so it totally caught me off guard. I miss my Uncle Mort and Aunt Margie, their orders of shrimp at the Chinese restaurant, the matchbooks, the business talks, the newspaper articles about my "cousin Billy" and forever the tour of the La Brea Tar Pits. And everytime Mix Master M and I drove to a friends apartment who lived near by them made me giggle.

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