Friday, December 21, 2007

Ok I am going to let you know what I am doing RIGHT NOW... I am watching the top 100 songs of the 90s on VH-1. And hell yeah I am loving it. I don't really agree with number one, but can't think of what would actually be more influential so I guess it works for me.

Number 19...Sabatoge. Everytime I hear that song I go back to Pagenfest that year and Sabatoge coming up the stairs to the party. It kicked so much bootay. I also think that was the year Jesus almost went to jail, but we were all so twisted who really does remember. And the album totally kicks ass.

(thank you youtube):

And yes I had Hammer Pants, but I made them myself and they were punk rock and I wore them twice.

I really should be making candy but I am happy on the couch. Happy weekend y'all.

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