Monday, December 31, 2007

adieu 2007

I am not really a resolutions kind of gal. I am not really even someone that looks back on the past year to gauge accomplishments or wishes realized. I make about four different to do lists a day so if I knock half the items off the list in any one day I feel as if I have accomplished something great. So when I added the new years resolution widget to facebook I kinda laughed at myself because why am I of all people bowing to the pressure right? I sat at my computer trying to think of ONE thing that I really want to accomplish in the upcoming calendar year... I settled on read a book a week. It isn't going to happen. I just find television too captivating most of the time. So I am taking the widget off right now. Who was I trying to fool?

And speaking of: I am giving up my gym membership. I signed a one year contract and the one year is up. I went once. It was a $360.00 visit and not at all worth it, I didn't even get to sit in the steam room because it was being worked on or some such non-sense so blarg. I really thought that I would be motivated to go after dinner out every night since I was already out and about but seriously... while 8:00 at the J isn't peak time, and it certainly isn't busy, I still only went once. I just wanted to get home at that point. Besides, that money is a Nikon D40 with two lenses (almost), or a serious amount of food at Trader Joes or good money into my savings account. I have to be realistic with the cash and smarter with my money. Don't think that is a resolution, but it is a realization. I mean seriously... that's a lot of money wasted. Won't do that again.

I look forward to the following in the upcoming year though: making my final car payment, I will have two years in at my current job and will be able to vest and set up a 401K, I would like to stop using my oven for storage and actually make a full five or six course meal in my kitchen, I am excited about the option of either painting my kitchen or having someone do it for me, I might buy a fridge with and ice maker (but I am particular about cube size...seriously... so that is going to take some investigating), G will be in town this week so I can have someone to go the museum (should she choose to do so) with and right now that is about it. Sure reading a book a week could fit in there but then I am really thinking about this list and then it becomes a resolution and then just like the gym membership I am setting myself up to fail, so why even try?

Goals are good and that is nice that some people go for it, but me? NotSoMuch. I just want to be healthy and happy and wish only the same for you! Happy end of 2007 and Happy and Healthy beginnings to 2008, may you have great joy and may all your resolutions (should you choose to do them) come easy!

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