Thursday, December 27, 2007

Its going to be a snow day! Four square in the gym!

Remember when that was fun?  I do.   I wish I could go  and arrange something like that in one of our conference rooms today for a stress buster.  I could use a little smacking around of a big red rubber ball. 
So there is going to be another say 8 inches of snow on the ground by the end of the day today.  I can actually say that I am not sad about this.  I will go to the grocery store when I leave early today and hopefully beat some of the lines.  Maybe I will go get good H & H Bagels at the Deli too now that I am thinking about it.  Make one big circle up Hampden and then up Monaco.  Hmmmmm. 
Its actually ok because you know what it might keep some of the f'ing crazy nut jobs off the street.  Just know that yesterday I had one that I was fortunate enough (har) to have a run in with one and honestly I have never been more frightened in my entire life.  When I finally called 911on my cell phone, because driving to the popo's office was another 5 miles away and this bat shit nut job had already followed me for 10 and I was whiggin.  Just know if the streets were busier I probably would have totalled my car and been in a really bad way because of this lady following me the way that she was...closely and agressively.  So thank gawd for small miricles there was no traffic.  If you are driving around the Denver Metro area and see a lady with columbine plates on her dark blue 2005 Audi (I don't want to publically put out her license number but I have it as well as the police department) give her the finger for me.  Then dial non emergecy in Aurora, they are looking for her. 
I really wish I hadn't had to pick up Ben for dinner last night because it was miserable.  I didn't want to drive, I didn't want to have to be in the car, I didn't want to have to explain anything, I didn't want to talk about anything and there I was having to talk and make conversation and try and explain the situation to someone that can not hear.  It sucked.  There I said it.  It sucked.  Mom pissed him off too last night because he cheaped out on the tip and Mom covered the difference and he caught her.  Whatever.  10% is not a good tip for a gal who automatically knew exactly what you wanted and brought it without you having to say "coffee with cream in a paper cup please".  Trust me, I know how hard that is to do. Remembering customers needs isn't worth 10%. 
But once I leave the office in about two hours I am thinking, I am home until the weekend or hopefully Sunday.  My boss bless his heart said, I bet they close us down early.  Oh sweet naive' boss man.  Last year when there was 36 inches of snow in the parking lot our offices were open and we were forced to sit at our desks.  But I have learned, I have time off and this really is what it's for.  Its like my own personal  get out of jail free card.  Once I hit the majic 4 1/2 hour mark where I can get credit for my lunch hour, I am outtie. 
PS I might not go home because Pandora is rockin' my socks off. I wish I could take my headphones off and share the audible pleasure but that ain't happenin.

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