Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So today is my Doc Day. I have about 20 documentaries saved on Steevoh and this has been a great way to start the day.

I watched "A 100 Years and a Funeral" which was about Polygram and their film production arm, the rise and fall, based on the book by Michael Kuhn of the same name. It was really interesting because I recall seeing many of the films that came out of their production arm, so it was very interesting to watch the history of the production company.

I also watched "Control Room". It was about Al-Jazeera in the burgeoning days and months of the Iraq War. It was a very interesting side of the media. I don't want to say that I would put a satilite dish up on my patio to get the station, but they showed the truth that the American Media Outlets wouldn't show and that was the damage caused. Having talked to someone recently who returned from Bagdad like a month ago or so I realized how separated we are by what is actually going on half a world away. While there are media outlets embedded into the Army it doesn't mean that we actually are able to see what is going on. And Al-Jazeera shows the death and destruction and damage. It might be pointed but they are showing what their viewers want to see.

"Who Gets to call it Art" about the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the 60s art scene in New York. The interview at the beginning of the film saying that artists make terrible talk show guests real reeled me in. It was really funny because its true. The film shows and actually explained the heart behind the paintings and sculptures. It was really great. Oh and I really dug the soundtrack too. Watching Warhol paint his nails with wite-out nearly flipped me out. Brilliant capture on film.

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