Monday, December 12, 2005

My friend BSA is in Vegas this week. I almost ALMOST actually called and booked a ticket for a couple of days. But a couple things are holding me back. One... I have lunch on Thursday (yay) with a new fantastic photographer that may kick my ass in gear, I may have a follow up interview with a company that would kick soooo much bootie I do not even want to jinx it by thinking too much about it, and with the babysitter for Herschel in another country it would make things difficult. So. I am staying home. He posted some pictures to flik'r (see below and you can see what I am talking about) and glory be I want to go and have drinks with him.

I am all hopped up on caffiene, anticipation and it being only Monday right now and honestly it is going to make going to sleep tonite really difficult. I could go and sit someplace and try and read, I did win the Ipod last year (in almost the exact way except I was the next to last in the line of people for gifts and the husband who got the ipod didn't know what it zoinks, yes I will give you the stuffed duck I just won, thankyouverymuch) and really haven't taken complete advantage of its uses.

And what is really all the worse tonite, is that I really want to go bowling all of a sudden. I just got the feeling that I wanted to go bowling. But appears to be College Extreme Night and that means one solo bowler showing up because she has ants in her pants wouldn't be the best and G lives too far to get down here, oh and her Chem final is tommorrow I think. Oh well. Just an idea. Not well executed but an idea.

I have to get out and do something tonite though, I just am way to antsy to sit and watch the tv.

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