Saturday, December 17, 2005

John Spencer... let me tell you something... I have to let you know that when your character Leo McGarrety had that Heart Attack at the end of The West Wing Season a couple of years ago... I was DESTROYED, I was absolutely heartbroken, but Leo did come back, just not as Chief of Staff anymore, but was going to maybe be the next Vice President. Phew... disaster averted.

But now... I read that in real life you aren't coming back? That your heart attack was real and you are gone? Now I am really sad. And there ain't no getting over that.

In other news. Four Malls in Two Days and a drive by another one. Color me a light shade of completely bonkers. Went to Cherry Creek last night with the 'rents and helped Mom pick out gifties for her ladies. Today back to the mall because I really decided that I needed a robe and would go and get my stupid gorilla lamp. By the way... you little skanks in Bath and Body Works at Cherry Creek Mall? I have two words for you Customer Service, learn it, live it, love it. I don't care if you are seasonal or not. Totally fouled my whole attitude up. I asked them one question and this girl acted like I was impeding her ability to breathe. Seriously... do you have a small robe or not? She is too busy to check she says. Isn't that your job? Is there someone else that might be able to help me? No, she says, you would need an extra large, here just take it. Um wow? No I don't need an XL thankyouverymuch and rude much? I put my potential purchases in her hands and walk out of the store. I don't need this crap for a $30 dollar robe.

Went down to Urban Outfitters (again) to see about the lamp... oh they were mispriced and are $148 bucks today. Not worth it at that point for sure. Bummer I say, the guy says you were right about the price, do you want me to check with my manager and see if he would sell it to you at the price it was last week? No... not a problem dude, I haven't anywhere to put it really I just thought it was funny. Ok sorry he says. Sorry.... Let me Check.... that is the way to conduct business my friends. I may not agree with the owner of your company's political ethics but your employees know how to treat a lady.

Walked over to Crate and Barrel (I know same process as yesterday... but I had to buy some glasses to replace one that is broken so that I can exchange it because I didn't get a receipt and Joe was too sidetracked with the Segway lady to figure out how to reprint... pain in the ass... and I can use four for sure, but I may just return the two.... not sure what to do yet).

Came back inside the mall. Saw some kid that was lost and was starting to get freaked out. After a minute of just standing there with the kid, the Mom rushes up and understandibly is freaked out, the kid wandered out of a store and they realized he was gone and whigged. I was waiting for the lady to think I was pervy or something and I said, no worries...we would have just stood here another minute or so then called the security officer over and not let the little guy get too far. I did it all the time when I was a kid. Dad rushed out and was pissed. Picked the little boy up and gave the wife a look that would have frozen water if he was able. That will not be a fun car ride home. But I am just glad the kid found his parents, no matter how distracted they were earlier, they won't be now.

I walked to my car and went and mailed Suz's package again (I totally botched the address the first time). Decided... I am not going to let those lameass retail slags get me down at Cherry Creek Bath and Body Works... I will go to the Old Aurora Mall which has newly been rechristened The Aurora Town Center. Found a rather decent parking space, was amazed by the amount of people walking back to their cars with out coats on (hey its 20 degrees out here!) and went in.

Let me say this loud and clear. I am not big on the bath and body works for the most part. but... the robe? Lovely. I walked into the store. Was promptly greeted in the fashion that is required of anyone working for the Limited Brand has to. But this girls diction was complete and not out of Jersey City and not "how youse doin'" (seriously I could have died in Cherry Creek with that). Anyways. I walk up to a couple of worker gals, ask them if they have the robe, yes yes the do. I get to shoppin'. Great selection, overly priced, but one of everything you would find on their site (minus Fresh...which I didn't see) but very lovely store. Friendly, nice, better than the other joint. And I told them that. I am just the crazy customer of the day I suppose.

Walked around the mall. Lots has changed since I was at Musicland selling Miami Sound Machine RECORDS. Oh and Janet Jackson, Control. Sold lots of those. Busted alot of kids trying to steal Miss Janet on cassette. Oh Musicland. They have a food court now. They have a Hot Topic too (it is much better lit than the one at Park Meadows). They have a store called Rave that their holiday icon is a precious little puppy just like mine. Radio Shack was in the mall doing red chair tapings. No one would do it so there wasn't much of a photo op. And I wasn't going to do it. Any company that asks you so much personal information to buy batteries isn't getting my image on tape... no way jose'. No more carosel in the middle of the mall anymore, just a playland that mimicks the Food at Cherry Creek but not as entertaining to watch. Little kids jumping around on bacon is kinda running around a playhouse, not as funny.

The mall was way too crowded for me and I had to get out of there. But lots of people were spending lots of money there which is fantastic. The line at Cinnabon was out of control. I am proud to say, I almost considered it and realized danger... and headed out to my car.

I believe for the most part done with the Malls. I do think I still smell Cinnabon though...devil.

Trying to decide on dinner and the choice of out or in but that is all the remaining thinking I am doing for the day. I am done.

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