Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I have avoided the solid crush of retail the last couple days. Of this... I am extremely proud. I didn't leave the house yesterday in fear that I would go and spend spend spend on things that I don't need because they are on sale and discounted. I am a sucker for the sale tag. One year I actually bought a silvered reindeer candleholder because it was discounted to 15 dollars at Pottery Barn, no good Jewish girl really needs a reindeer candle holder. I will just chalk it up to the retail crazy. This year... nothing as of yet. I have to remind myself that I need absolutely nothing and I will be just fine I hope.

Today annually is the time of year that I pick two new magazine subscriptions. But... other than Chow and maybe, and I said maybe ... Flaunt, I am at an impasse. I have gone the Allure/Marie Claire route and shame shame on them because all those magazines tell me is that I am overweight and don't know how to apply my makeup properly. I have two more years on my Pop Music and Movie Culture Magazines (Rolling Stone and Spin) so now I want intelligencia with form and function with some really good recipes. I think very much this will be the year of the food and homemaking lifestyle magazine choices. So I think Chow definately fits the bill. I am also thinking that if I don't come up with anything I will upgrade some online memberships and just deal with the subscription "thaing" I do that way. Unless there are any suggestions out there for something you might now of?

I am going to go over to the Tatterred Cover probably tommorrow and see what strikes my fancy and pull subscription cards from the magazines interior. Watch out the bullabusta is on the way!

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