Saturday, December 10, 2005

Girls on Budgets need to give presents too...

So. I have no disposable income right now. I have some fun things planned into my activity budget but that pretty much shoots going and shopping at le' grande' mecca' o' shoppin' . Although post last week's cold snap this hat sure would make taking walks with Herschel, that much more Siberia-esque.

I decided that instead of sweating it out and freaking about what I am going to do for the neighbors and some friends for holiday presents, usually I give them wine or something expensive and hardly worth the effort since the thought isn't even recipricated. So this year... for the most part...I am doing nothing. Scroogie huh? I see what you are thinking. I hear those thoughts rambling through your brains.

But I will recieve no Hanukah greetings, no holiday wishes. They don't participate in that whatsoever, I am the giver. Always have been. But this year, I just can't. Its beyond my means. And honestly, tired of being the only one.

So for those that I really do care about and wish the holly jolly-est of seasons greatings.... I am giving yummy treats. And only the best of the hand prepared goodies, mind you. I don't do drek. I will prepare and distribute the following probably: My mother's fudge recipe (for sure I will do that as it is just too good not to), my Grandmother's mondlebread recipe (which will double as biscotti for those not in the Chanukah frame of mind), Food Tv's Warren Brown's mother's vanilla cookie recipe (it looks super simple and tasty), and maybe if I am feeling really ambicious my Aunt Freda's rum truffles (I have rum although I could stand to go and by some bourbon ... mmmmm bourbon....).

And I just decided, I absolutely have to go to Sur La Table tonite because my Aunt Freda used to make the best cookies, and silly what makes me smile these days, but I need rosette irons.

Meeting my dear friend G for lunch tommorrow. We are equally as excited I think. All I know is that I am very much looking forward to sitting down for our annual holiday dish fest. Only this year, neither of us have dishy kinds of jobs to talk about (she is full time integrated into nursing school and we all not my sitch right now) but it will be so absolutely wonderful. She is a treasure. She calls, we touch base, we talk, we go, we do... its a pleasure and even though we are pretty much both on the seriously budgeted track, sitting at Peet's would definately be enough.

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