Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Things I wish I had right now (of course a J.O.B. would be great but that isn't what I am really talking about here)...

1) The gumption to get out of the house and do something creative...but its cold (I whine).
2) More shelf space in my measly itty bitty little pantry and more kitchen cabinet space for that matter.
3) A full time barista dude working in my kitchen to make me lattes whenever I want them.
4) A really good recipe for caramel.
5) A magic wand to make the headache go away.
6) All the books on my Amazon list, even though I have about 200 books that I have here at home that I have never read.
7) The ability to surf the net from my couch.
8) New insoles for my uggs.
9) A drinking buddy that would meet me for a cocktail right now.
10) Ice Skates.
11) A really big pooooofy and soft scarf.
12) Chocolate covered caramel (I should have grabbed more at Moms)
13) A Paper Cutter.
14) Glitter.
15) Fried Won-Tons.

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