Monday, December 05, 2005

There is definately a well established understanding that I appreciate and dare I actually say love... Target. Yesterday I was there getting a present (shhhh its a surprise) and was stuck in a cluster of people that weren't exactly moving in this aisle that I was in. I realized that there was a reason. There was a physically challenged lady who was stuck behind these ladies gabbing about something that didn't need to take up all the aisle but were anyways. This lady was just trying to get by and couldn't because these ladies just weren't moving.


I move my cart into an aisle and help this lady get through and go and get my cart.

I look on the shelf next to my cart and what does my eye spy? PBLoco and Peanut Butter and Company peanut butters. I think I may have actually squeeled a little bit. I happy. I am soooo happy. The selection was not on the savory side (meaning the spicy peanut butters but the chocolate, cinnamon, and banana flavors) which was kinda a bummer but really kick butt in the same notion. And I bought 15 bucks worth. Happy peanut butterie camper I am.

I am hoping that they expand the line and carry some of the flavors that they aren't now. Maybe I can write the peanut butter buyer a love note. Nah. This will be good enough.


P is for Peanut Butter said...

Ok that makes me smile because I too love pb loco. Which is your favorite flavor and which ones did you get?

Zoe said...

I got the raspberry dutch chocolate from PB Lobo and the white chocolate from Peanut Butter and Company. I am trying to find the right bread for toast, as sourdough with either I think would be gross, but on the spoon...deeeelish!