Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Call me crazy but...

The wind today is totally freakin' me out today. It is a blustering out there and I don't like it, I don't like it one bit to be honest. But there is some silver lining in all this. I am safe and comfy in my house and not sitting on the 22nd floor of some tall building feeling the building move back and forth. I would be miserable. I did miss all the protests yesterday with President Bush in town for a fundraiser. I actually would have liked to have seen the whole thing but am thrilled to peices (more than I really imagined that I would be) that I am not sitting in that office listening to the aftermath. Hah, that LP has to field all those calls and feeling the building move back and forth in the wind. Blechie.

Instead I am watching VH-1s I love the holidays with snarky semi-celebs talking about what Chanukah meant to them growing up. Sorry Ron Jer emy I am not interested in hearing what your Chanukah was like as a kid in Brooklyn. Gross.

And pyschologically the wind is totally messing with my head, I can't get warm. I have this chill that will not go away. Today...I am a mess.

Stupid wind.

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