Tuesday, November 29, 2005

15 things that I have found in my house that I don't know why I have them:

1) a candle that has the distinct smell of musk
2) three sweaters with the tags on them with red stripes
3) purple lipstick
4) knitting needles
5) a giant nail clipper
6) a plastic cup with the name Bob on it
7) sushi shaped erasers
8) cassette tapes with radio shows taped on them from 1983
9) an old 56k modem dial up card
10) instruction manuals for electronics I don't own
11) paper parasol swizzle sticks
12) plastic tulips
13) empty wallet box
14) 6 altoid tins with one lone candy in each
15) velvet leggings

1 comment:

valentine said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm velvet leggings