Thursday, November 03, 2005

I have this aquaintance. She really makes me laugh. She doesn't know because she isn't even remotely nearby for me to say... hey girl... you just totally made me laugh so hard I almost tinkled a little bit. And it kinda sucks alot.

Anyways. Spent most of the day talking to employment agencies about their positions and what their registration process is. Its alot of paperwork keep that in mind. So next week I will spend the bulk of the week sitting in front of a computer screen typing on a keyboard that probably has never been cleaned. I need to go and buy me some serious anti bacterial gel. Do you think I would be considered a freak if I told them that I am not interested in registering for their services if I have to take a typing test? I don't even want to touch my own keyboard sometimes. Germs are NOT my friend. OOOO I am going to go and get the Purell Wipes, that would totally work. I could wipe down the keyboard and everything. Swell. I am kind of a germaphobe. August pretty much made me realize that there are germs out there that can kill you hardcore in even the most sanitary of perceived environments. So call me crazy or hysterical, but not interested in picking up weird workplace gunk.

I got the flu shot yesterday and just as predicted and expected my lungs seized up at about 9:00 p.m. It was horrible. My entire chest was miserably tight, the hot steamieness of the bathroom didn't help. So I had to take ephidrine. Thank you Flipper for hooking me up with that. I broke the little teensie tiny pill in half, I mean I did want to sleep last night after all. By about 12:30 I felt a touch better.

It happens every time I get the flu shot. Just totally jacks with my lungs. My doctor said its weird and an anomoly and nothing to be too worried about. I should stop smoking though. I suppose that is true. It probably would help with alot of things. Like running stamina. Like real lung issues down the pike. I know I know. Let me get insurance again and then we will talk meds.

I watched the Apprentice for the first time this season. These people all suck. And Adam? The nebbish card? If you thought the guy wasn't an anti semite then you shouldn't have brought up his comments. At all.

Trying to figure out something to do for the rest of what is going to be a long weekend for me. Tommorrow it is supposed to be around 60 degrees, while not particularly warm, nice enough I suppose to sit with a book, my ipod and be on a patio drinking a big honkin' cup of coffee at Peaberry or something. All I know is I really have to get out of the house for a little bit! So I am going to try. Give it a go.

PoPo sorry I was crabby on the phone, you will get a better apology from me tommorrow I promise, with an explaination.

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