Saturday, October 15, 2005

Zoheeeee you got some s'plainin to do...

I know. Here it is 1:40 in the a.m. on a Friday night and I am just getting around to explaining why my week went completely went to pot. Let me just say this. Oops.

Blogger as a message board: I made a promise to mail out a camera and didn't. Really honestly I am not flakey I just didn't get to the mail room at work to get a box and the only one I have at my desk would fit a small child. Monday. I promise. And then we can do lunch when the boss is not demanding my time. It will be good since I haven't really taken a lunch at all since I started.

Heard a really funny story tonite. Once I stop completely giggling uncontrolably when I think about it, I will share, suffice it to say... tea, and hour, and its all about her. Somehow some people were surprised. Me? Not so much.

Season Two of Arrested Development was released this week. Of course on the agenda for tommorrow is to make a little stop at Best Buy to pick this up. The Bro is out of town so that means barring any weirdness, you will find me in the basement of his house, under the guise of "watching the house" I will be watching the big screen tv, for hours. With a dumb ass smile on my face pretty much. David Cross, I do heart you, even if you are being sued.

We are catching up on tv from the week. Hardly worth trying to stay up this late, but I really want to watch Nip/Tuck. Devil is in the details, I won't skip what is on the tape earlier because basically I get all out of whack, so I have to hope Law and Order or what ever is on before it is compelling enough to keep me awake.

Have yourself a happy weekend.

Oh and PS I decided that I like the New Martha Martha Stewart show. Sure she interrupts her guests, sure she really doesn't actually show you everything you have to do to make a recepie work (but that happens in her magazine too, I have tried more than one cookie recepie that has failed miserably because something ingredient wise or step wise is accidentally omitted), but its ok. She is happy. And she Glittered Pumpkins this week. Martha you had me at "don't hold the pumpkin by its stem".

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