Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am going to admit it. I really want to see Waiting. I saw a clip the other night and I swear I have never seen the "five second rule" so brilliantly displayed. I mean "floor spice"? I thought that was one of ours. Damnit. I spent my formidable years of college drinking, smoking in the walk ins on cold nights and every now and again selling some tofu and rice at the long gone "Harvest Restaurant and Bakery". I miss that joint. Alot. Had I not been fired for said smoking in walk in, and if it was still open, honestly... I would still be working there (maybe).

Yes I applied the five second rule more than once on more than one customers bran muffins. The peach bran muffins were the absolute best and I really do miss them. The biscuits there were really good too come to think of it. Joe made absolutely the best gazpacho. I miss beans and rice the zoe way. Only Torcha and Barry knew just what I wanted when I asked for it that way. 450 IN IN IN and that was the code.

I still have the occasional "waitress nightmare" but they are starting to happen less and less.

Sure I smashed a cockroach in with my open palm on a table just to avoid the two ladies sitting there knowing it was crawling across. Sure I listened to people kvetch about their tea being "dead" (which universally meant... had none of that cinamon orange joy) and having to brew all new tea to hear them bitch about it being too hot. Of course I went out with more than one person I worked with. And wouldn't you know it I had the token crush on the hot gay waiter. Of course I licked a spoon and then gave it to a customer as if it were clean (the woman was an incredible bitch). Don't you doubt I had my favorite regulars that would wait until my station opened to be sat there (I miss you Patrick and your boyfriend!!!!). But it was just a sprouts and tea joint. I never made any money, if I walked with over 40 bucks and didn't work a double I was feverish. The pay sucked.

But I miss it. I miss waiting tables. I miss making people happy when they aren't in the mood to cook. I miss asking customers if they would like an altoid after their meal (that was my schtick... and no one dared to copy it... and better not). I really did love it.

I was at dinner with my Grandfather and my Brother the other night and someone came up to me and said "hey there Zoe... remember me? You were my favorite waitress at the Harvest". And I thought... Huh... I sure don't remember you but I hope I never gave you a sneezer.

And further proof that restaurant workers should not be messed with... this is just the kind of tomfoolery that occurs. People get in fights and then blammo everyone is freaked out and hee hee... its all a joke. Brilliant. And that is why I want to see this movie.

To the M.O.T. - have a safe and easy fast and to the rest of you.. Have a groovy Thursday.

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Happy Yom Kippur, Zoe!