Saturday, October 08, 2005

After running errands today which largely included getting my hair cut (even my hairdresser made fun of the mess that it was), talking to PoPo for two hours and we had some serious laughs (ok I did about a very funny situation I was privy to witness), I went out on the search for the coffee maker Valentine told me about (uh... only available online and via the catalouge) and bought the Pink Hand Mixer and oogled a Food Processor, and now after watching SNL (which um hello, not particularly funny except the Weekend Update) I am catching up on taped shows.

I am not so much into the fundraising aspect of those items as much as the fact that they are just .... um.... pink. Duh. But should you be looking for items for the fundraising aspects of breast cancer fundraising I will direct you to this site and you can seek out some other items. And seriously... tommorrow I will be making a couple of calls to see about which Linen and Things has this freakin' gem (I serioulsy love the other one that I have, its perfection for a single breast of chicken and oh dear dog the irony).

We went to dinner tonite to Bravo and almost got caught in the middle of crazy... the door to the patio shattered and of course these really loud ladies kept talking about how it was a bullet shot. I would love to say it was that exciting, but really it was just a pressure break I am sure. The shattered glass was crackling through the whole dinner and was kinda unnerving. Man those ladies were LOUD. Drunk, maybe, uncaring about other's in the restaurant definately.

Tommorrow I think I am brunching it. I hope so. I am ready for some french toast.

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