Thursday, October 06, 2005

Its all about the extra vowels

Sometimes my addiction to purchasing items of plates and dishes really rears its ugly head in ways that I can't even comprehend. I was going through some magazines a couple minutes ago and realized that these plates really are sublime, but I don't understand how you order them. Can you order specific letters, what about the numbers, what if I don't want numbers, huh? I really do understand that you get the alphabet and the numbers but really... I wasn't wanting some of the letters. So I will find a way to make it happen myself somehow. Crate and Barrel has inexpensive plates and I know that there is a food safe adhesive deal that you can decal your own plates with, I just have to find it online. Thank goodness we live in time of the internets. Amen.

Bought my bro (hey dude) a Nano yesterday. Can I just say this for the record, the dude at the store was such an ass. If I hadn't shlepped all the way to the store and under a self imposed deadline (the Bro is travelin' and how bitchen to have music on a toy the size of a matchbook...yes it is that small... and yes it is that freakin rad) I would have left the store. Jan at the Apple Store in Aspen Grove? Hi! You are an ass. That is all on that subject.

Tonite is cleaning night and I am largely unmotivated by the idea.

Went out late late late last night and kinda want to tonite. Which is completely eeeevil but I have to stay home. Heard something really funny last night though. Not sure if its ok to share. Ok it totally is. No wait, I can't. Never mind. Just know that it is soooo not ok to live in the past, no matter if you can fit into your letter jacket still. It was a life time ago

Comcast's on demand service is all sorts of jacked up tonite which is really disappointing because I really wanted to search for a movie and just hunker in to the couch and chill out tonite, the weather is perfect. I have the fireplace turned on (before the natural gas rates go sky high might as well give it a go) and thought what a great autumn night...lets watch a flick. Nope. I am annoyed. I am going to call and get a credit for the day though for sure.

Coffee order is on for tommorrow, Mom's birthday present is ordered and I am feeling productive all of a sudden. Time to get to cleaning. For the record my favorite cleaning product of late is Orange Clean Vanilla Scented All Purpose Cleaner. I have to say it smells great and cleans really well. The house smells like a cookie when I am done cleaning. Niiiice.

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