Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Martha... Dear Martha... I love your Apprentice Show...

Watching her be a bad ass in the conference room was sweet. I mean she really was terrific and smart. And I am glad she left the entertainment and bitchyness these two "creatives" on to actually prove their mettle or not. Brilliant.

It made spending 70 bucks on a complete (and I mean complete) bed set sweet. This set is freakin' kick ass. Kmart is so lucky. Sorry Issac, I bought your sheets and yes the patterns on them woven into the fabric are devine, I will give you that, but the whole bedding set is very expensive. Sorry my dear boyfriend, but Martha does have you beat in the homemaking. I will follow you around for your clothes and shoes thank you, the home stuff? Not so much, but I love the clear lucite square base and square shade lamp. Too bad there is no link on line. You dear reader would love it in its elegance too.

So back to getting MY house in order so I can have the kind of justice I should to the brillance that is Martha. And yes her hourly daily show is kind of growing on me a little bit, but Mario Cantone should have been on a leash. Mugging during the lead in to the commercial? Honey, you should definately know better than to disrespect the Martha that way. Jaime Oliver at least apologized for the sausage inuendo which was HILLAREOUS. Who on your production staff is Mario schtupping? I assure him he will not be asked back and be told he doesn't fit "in" and needs to focus on his "strengths" of being a huge inapporpriate queen.

Working this weekend possibly being interviewed for my time as a Producer on Teletunes. It is incredibly flattering to be asked no doubt but I don't know what I can particularly contribute to the three minute segment. Do I talk about how I forgot how to speak English when in the presence of Daniel Ash? Do I talk about telling Marilyn Manson to fuck right off because he was getting palmsie with my vj? Do I talk about how I was really surprised by the sincerity and kindness of the guys in KoRn with our guest vj? Do I talk about scrambling for locations? Do I talk about how mean Linda Perry was to my vj and actually cutting the interview off because she apparantly wasn't even remotely kind? Do I talk about drinking Guiness with Paige from Helmet? Do I talk about interviewing Coolio and the contact high? Do I talk about getting pissed at Angelo Moore? Do I talk about going on stage and taping Dave Wakeling and Bang!? Do I talk about how great it was that the internet was around that I could pull information for my VJs weekly for their shows? Do I talk about the glorious joy of getting breakfast every Satursday morning and kibbitzing and then going out to shoot? Do I talk about Gwen Stefani being rather put off by making us wait an hour to do her interview? Do I talk about interviewing Les Claypool and completely letting him just go on and on about whatever he was talking about because his voice is so weird? Do I talk about sitting in Poe's tour bus talking about nail polish for an hour? I think they want me to talk about what a thing of passion it was to wake up, hung over every Saturday morning to tape segments and how as a volunteer we did this for 6 years running every Saturday and loved every freakin' moment of it. I think it is that easy. Tough to imagine what outside of a recognized VJ what I could actually add, but I will show up for Heather, since every Saturday with out fail she did for me.

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