Sunday, September 25, 2005

Really? Oprah? Really?

You picked A Million Little Peices by James Frey? Really? The first chapter just about made me want to throw up. I mean as in puke my guts out...barf....because of it's realism. I forced myself to finish the books to see if the character was redeeming. Hardly. I find it absolutley SHOCKING that Oprah would really pick this book of all the other literature out there. I don't know that middle american's women readerships are going to be too into her bookclub anymore. Maybe this is her "sarasota arrest" in order to "kill the character". I don't know. There are alot of people out there just as confused as I am. I will though watch the wrap up show just to see what the guy does or doesn't do (actually that is better). James Frey is known to have quite the potty mouth. I don't see Miss O putting up with that, no girl I certainly do not.

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